I’m of Jewish/Arabian descent (my grandpa is brown), I dated a First Nations person for 6 years. I have multiple black, Asian, Indian and mixed race friends. I am not racist. I have a specific attraction to a certain look - women with white skin, long brown hair and deep eyes. I think a lot of dark skinned people are unattractive, but they aren’t all ugly. There are beautiful people of all ethnicities. But if you have a rotten personality, then you’re ugly no matter what. If you pick on someone JUST because you think they’re ugly, you’re a piece of shit.
I didn’t go out looking for trouble. A group of black people started making fun of me, unprovoked, so I flipped absolute shit and called her every nasty thing I could think of. She started it all with her “3 levels of ugly” comment. What a fucking cunt. I wouldn’t have said anything to her, or knew she fucking existed, had I not seen her reply on the post that the other user was bashing me on (funny how the coward deleted it). It doesn’t matter though. Anyone I’ve talked to that knows me, knows and agrees with me. You can all think what you like, but don’t forget you’re on tumblr, the Place to jump to conclusions and be an opinionated asshat. Like I said, I was using derogatory language, but I felt that she personally deserves it. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with any other PoC unless they want to start shit with me first. But believe what you’d like, it’s not really my problem. You don’t know me, or anything about me, other than what I offer on this blog.

BITCH SHUT UP. You’re a racist cunt. Caso cerrado. No one on tumblr likes you anymore. And on top of that you’re very ugly. :( You can’t be ugly and racist. Pick one, sweetie.